COVID-19 - Latest news regarding immigration law

Advokatkompagniet closely follows the legal development as a result of the COVID-19-crisis. In this article, we provide an overview of the latest news and changes regarding immigration law.

Latest news and actions regarding immigration law

On the 14th of March, the Danish government decided to close the Danish borders, denying entrance to anyone without a worthy purpose - those with a worthy purpose include Danish citizens currently staying in other countries, people with residence permits in Denmark, or people currently working here, among others. 

However, the decisions to close the Danish borders and other new and strict regulations, which has been imposed in order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, has posed numerous questions from people who have either applied for a visa, a work or residence permit or an extension of their current residence permit. 

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions on their website, which can be found here.

Working holiday scheme temporarily suspended

As a result of the recently imposed regulations, the Minister for Immigration and Integration has suspended all Working Holiday agreements temporarily. In short, this means that no residence permits for Working Holidays will be issued in Denmark for the time being. 

The Working Holiday agreement was brought to life in order to provide younger citizens with the opportunity to learn about other cultures and their ways of living through a Working Holiday residence permit, which allows holders to stay in countries with whom Denmark has made mutual agreements - hereof Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea - for up to 1 year. 

If you have already obtained a Working Holiday residence permit before the suspension, you will still be able to enter Denmark.

Read more here. 

Extension of residence permits now possible for agricultural interns

Aside from deciding to temporarily suspend the Working Holiday agreement, the Minister for Immigration and Integration has decided to enable agricultural interns who are already in Denmark, and whose residence permits expires before the 25th of June, to extend their permits for 3 months. 

The decision has been made due to the difficulty posed to Danish farmers of hiring new foreign interns, because of the ongoing crisis concerning the coronavirus. 

Applications for extensions of residence permits can be submitted from the 25th of March and will be granted consequently. This will extend the duration of ongoing internships to 15 months instead of the original 12 months. Submitting an application will involve paying a processing fee and having biometric features such as facial images and fingerprints recorded. Additionally, since this is not possible at the time being, the applicants will be notified as soon as this is possible. 

If you wish to read more about the decision click here. 

If you wish to know more about submitting your application click here. 

Information regarding short-stay visa applications

The shut-down of the Danish borders also affects citizens from countries with a short-stay visa requirement, who has a wish of entering Denmark before the 13th of April. Those applying for a visa during the time will get a refusal - unless having a creditable purpose for entering the country. 

A creditable purpose could involve;

  • Visits to critically ill or dying family members
  • Those wishing to attend a funeral in Denmark
  • Those who will be part of a court case in Denmark
  • Those in the process of medical treatment in Denmark
  • Those who are either parents or primary caretakers of minors residing in Denmark
    (From New to Denmark). 

Purposes such as tourist visits, family visits, business travels etc. are not considered creditable purposes. 

An extended processing time is to be expected for those applying for a short-stay visa. 

Further questions

If you have any further questions or if you haven't found the answers you were looking, you can find answers on frequently asked questions regarding changes to immigration law in Denmark on the website of the Immigration Service here. Or at the website of the Immigration and Integration Affairs Committee here. 

Our immigration department has access to updated information regarding the situation around the world, so we urge you to contact us for further information or if you have questions related to travel restrictions or access to consular sections etc. 

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